Large Health System and Insurance Provider

Large Health System and Insurance Provider

Executive Summary

Faced with limited physician resources and a growing number of patients requiring care in the home setting, a large, integrated U.S. health system implemented a home-based palliative care program. The program was prescribed to seriously ill or otherwise immobile patients, requiring physicians to travel to patients’ homes for continuous monitoring and treatment. By providing TytoCare’s TytoClinic™ Travel solution to the health system’s traveling nurses, the program was able to increase the number of patients treated, prevent unnecessary follow-up visits, and reduce visits to the emergency room and urgent care clinics.



Due to a lack of trained resources, there were only a limited number of physicians available to provide at-home care for patients in the program. This resulted in a maximum of only four patients per day who were able to receive care. Those enrolled in the program were faced with long wait times to see physicians, who often had to drive long distances to reach patients’ homes. The limited resources and logistics of in-person visits resulted in a workflow that was highly expensive and inefficient.


TytoCare Solution

Nurses were provided with the TytoClinic Travel solution, which includes the Tyto Device, a portable, hand- held examination device with digital camera, basal thermometer, stethoscope, otoscope, and tongue depressor attachments. TytoClinic Travel also includes a blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, headphones, and iPad®, packaged in a backpack as a portable, light- weight solution. Once in the patient’s home, the nurse would initiate a virtual exam with physicians, who provide guidance and consultation to the nurses conducting a physical exam on the patient using the Tyto Device. By allowing nurses to collect clinical-quality data at the patient’s home, physicians were able to diagnose and treat patients remotely from a central location.



The TytoClinic implementation resulted in:

  • 4x increased patient visits: Using Tyto, physicians were able to quadruple the number of patients seen in the same amount of time as in the former in-person visit workflow.
  • 84% success rate: 84% of patients in the program were successfully treated remotely using Tyto, and did not require an in-person follow-up visit.
  • 11% fewer ER visits: 11% of patients in the program avoided unnecessary trips to ER or urgent care.

Following the success of the TytoCare pilot, the home-health based palliative care program is expanding, allowing physicians to provide high-quality remote care to more patients across more locations in the region.

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