2022 Virtual Primary Care Adoption Survey Report

To learn more about what members are really looking for in VPC and digital-first plans, we worked with one of the top 5 US health plans to survey over 300 members who had experience with traditional, video-only telehealth, and telehealth optimized with remote physical exams. The results shine a light on the changing face of virtual primary care for today’s members and payers alike.


What are the ingredients for VPC success?

VPC shows incredible promise, but the increased awareness generated during COVID-19 doesn’t guarantee success, and there are still significant barriers to mass adoption that must be overcome. What are the ingredients that can drive your VPC healthcare plans to success, and how can you leverage them to create high utilization levels?


Telehealth and virtual primary care have the potential to drastically improve the health and wellbeing of millions of Americans

But there is a gap between where telehealth is today and where its potential lies. Behavioral science is one of the ways that forward-thinking healthcare organizations are utilizing to address and close this gap. This ebook explains what behavioral science is and how it can benefit your members, your patients, and your business.


Start delivering on patient needs in today’s digital world

As healthcare providers have begun to explore ways to incorporate telehealth as a next-generation, efficiency driving strategy, they discover that purely audio-visual, "hands-off" exams solve only part of their challenge. There remain many patients and modalities where clinicians would prefer to have exam data for to support a diagnosis.


Expand your care without expanding expenses.

In 2020, over $10M government funds awarded to telehealth programs with Tytocare. Download this ebook to learn more about these programs and how the TytoCare platform delivers better remote care at a lower cost.


Pioneering a New Generation of Telehealth with TytoCare

The rapidly expanding telehealth market carries immense promise: lower costs, greater efficiency, expanded access, and better patient outcomes. However, fulfilling that promise will take more than simple video consultations: Telehealth must transform the entire continuum of care and optimize the patient experience at every stage along the remote care journey.


Learn more about how digitization is transforming the healthcare experience, and why TytoCare is at the leading edge of telehealth innovation.

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