Frequently Asked Questions

For providers

What is the difference between TytoPro and TytoHome?

TytoPro is designed for professional use.  It has an extended battery life and includes a headset for listening to heart and lung sounds, initial set of disposables for the otoscope and tongue depressor, and has specific flexible software designed for clinician use. TytoPro can be used with an unlimited number of patients and can be integrated into clinician workflow and EHR systems.  TytoHome is designed for less frequent use by consumers and has self-guidance software to ensure ease-of-use and accuracy.
Who can benefit from using TytoPro?

TytoPro is designed for use by professionals to share examination data, obtain a specialist consult or second opinion, and support remote examination needs.  Pediatricians, internists, remote physicians and nurses, school nurses, EMT professionals, home care professionals, and urgent care facilities are just some of the specialties where TytoPro can be most beneficial.
What do I need to use TytoPro?

TytoPro requires a tablet or smart phone, Wi-Fi and an internet connection.  Reviewing captured exam data is easy via a Clinician Dashboard running on a standard browser.
How do TytoPro and TytoHome transmit data?

Data is transmitted between the Tyto device and the Tyto App via a Wi-Fi connection. The patient and clinician app also use a secure Wi-Fi internet connection to connect to the Tyto platform.
Is Tyto FDA cleared?

The Tyto Stethoscope is FDA cleared and all TytoCare devices fully comply with FDA regulatory requirements.
Is it HIPAA compliant?

Yes, all exam data captured, stored and transmitted is done so on a HIPAA compliant platform.
How can I purchase TytoPro?

We are currently launching TytoPro with health systems, employers, providers and strategic partners. Demand has already exceeded expectations, if you would like to pre-order Tyto please complete our no-obligation pre-order form. You may also contact our sales department at
What exams can I do with TytoPro?

TytoPro has a high-quality digital camera for taking pictures and videos of the ear, throat and skin, a digital no-touch infrared thermometer, a digital stethoscope with bell and diaphragm filtering capabilities, an otoscope and a detachable, disposable tongue depressor. Exams you can perform are: 1) heart auscultations, 2) lung sounds, 3) stomach/GI sounds, 4) throat, 5) ears, 6) skin, 7) temperature, and 8) heart rate
How long does the TytoPro battery last?

The battery will typically last a full day of exams. Full recharging takes approximately 2 hours.
What does TytoPro cost?

The device costs $999. There is a monthly usage fee for using the telehealth service and cloud storage usage.
What is your return policy for TytoPro?

TytoPro offers a 30-day return policy with free shipping on returns.
What if I already have a telehealth platform? Can I still use Tyto?

Yes. TytoCare is designed to provide an end-to-end solution for those who need it, or integrate into existing telehealth platforms. If you already have a telehealth platform, TytoCare can integrate into your current solution and work with your institution’s needs. We provide this as part of our TytoLink™ integration services.
Do you integrate with EHR systems?

Yes, TytoCare can integrate with most EHR systems. We provide this as part of our TytoLink™ integration services.
How do you know the device is calibrated?

Each TytoPro & TytoHome device is calibrated fully during the manufacturing process. As with all cameras and microphones (Tyto Otoscope, Exam Camera, and Stethoscope) there is no need to calibrate these products proactively. If a problem occurs during the usage of one of the Tyto Care components, please contact us at
What cleaning products can be used on the Tytocare attachments?

Tyto attachments can be wiped down with 70% alcohol wipes. Do not dip product into solution and do not use any cleaning agents with a stronger percent alcohol.
What kind of battery does Tyto use?

Tyto uses a rechargeable lithium ION battery, similar to batteries used in smartphones.
What tests were done to ensure accuracy of the exams?

TytoCare products have passed an extensive validation & verification process as part of the product release process. In addition, the products have passed multiple performance bench tests versus comparable device to ensure similar or superior results.
How can I offer TytoHome to my patients?

You can easily offer TytoHome as a telehealth service to your patients. Please complete our no-obligation pre-order form and a sales representative will contact you. Please note that TytoHome is expected to be available for shipment in Q2 2017.
What does it cost to offer TytoHome to my patients?

There is no charge to offer TytoHome to your patients unless you choose to subsidize their purchase. You will be able to offer TytoHome by downloading our free Clinician Dashboard that will enable you to receive “exam and forward” exams and conduct “live telehealth exams.” You will be charged a small transaction fee for exams conducted using TytoHome.
What does TytoHome cost for my patients?

TytoHome costs $299 for patients. Exam costs depend on their insurance and your payment structure.
Can patients get reimbursed for the device?

Yes. The device is a reimbursable HSA and FSA expense. Additionally, certain health plans or providers may choose to reimburse or subsidize the device cost for select populations. For more information please reach out directly to the insurance provider.
Can I get reimbursed for telehealth visits when using Tyto on patients?

Many payers already reimburse for home telehealth visits. These payment policies vary by state and by payer. Where payment policies support the home as an originating site, telehealth visits supported by examination tools that replicate the in-person visit, such as TytoCare, are more likely to receive higher reimbursement rates when documented in the record of the examination. For more information on reimbursement policies, state laws, and to view helpful links, please see our reimbursement overview.
How much can I expect to get reimbursed from a TytoCare Telehealth Exam?

With Tyto you will be able to conduct multiple physical exams on multiple organs during a remote telehealth exam and confidently diagnose more conditions, which should enable you to obtain a higher level of reimbursement. In payment-parity states you would be legally entitled to the same reimbursement as you would get for an in-office exam. In other states, high clinical quality telemedicine exams – such as that performed with TytoCare is an important factor payers consider when defining reimbursement policies.
How do I bill for a telehealth visit?

The same as you do today for an in-office visit, with an additional modifier that represents a telemedicine visit. There are several modifiers that can be used, depending payer guidelines so it is best you contact specific payers directly to understand their requirements. Until this year, the standard telemedicine modifier was GT, so for example, a new patient consultation that is “via interactive audio and video telecommunications systems” would be submitted 99201 GT. Starting in 2018, CMS has indicated their preference in eliminating the GT modifier in most cases and using the POS code 02 in its place. Separately, the AMA has been promoting the 95 modifier in certain encounters.
Where can I learn more about telehealth reimbursement in my state?

Please review our reimbursement overview; there are a number of links to reimbursement laws in each state, as well as Medicare and Medicaid telehealth laws.

For consumers

Is TytoHome available to purchase?

TytoHome is available for purchase through strategic healthcare providers and telehealth partners as a limited launch starting the fall of 2016. If you are interested in purchasing TytoHome when it is more broadly available, please complete our no-obligation pre-order form.
Who can benefit most from TytoHome?

Anyone can benefit from TytoHome, but it was created specifically with families in mind, for situations when you or your child are sick and you are looking for a way to obtain a diagnosis without having to go to the doctor or the Emergency Room (ER). TytoHome is designed to replicate the exams you would receive in your doctor’s office, giving you peace of mind that you can receive an accurate and timely diagnosis as part of a telehealth visit anywhere, anytime. TytoHome is also valuable for patients who require continuous monitoring, such as post-surgery outpatients or patients with chronic conditions.
How does TytoHome differ from TytoPro?

TytoHome is designed for home use by patients or parents/caregivers. It has patented self-guidance technology to make examinations easy and effortless, and built-in training videos that help guide you through the process.
What exams can I do?

Tyto has a high-quality digital camera, a digital no-touch infrared thermometer, a digital stethoscope, an otoscope and a tongue depressor. Exams you can perform include: 1) heart exams, 2) lung exams, 3) stomach/GI exams, 4) throat, 5) ears, 6) skin, 7) temperature, and 8) heart rate. These can be done through “exam and forward” mode where you send the exam data to your doctor for diagnosis via email, or you can conduct a “live telehealth exam” for immediate diagnosis.
Is TytoHome FDA cleared?

The Tyto Stethoscope is FDA cleared, and all TytoCare devices fully comply with FDA regulatory requirements.
Is it HIPAA compliant?

Yes, all exam data captured, stored and transmitted is done so on our HIPAA compliant cloud platform, so you can be confident that your family’s health data is private and secure.
What does TytoHome cost?

TytoHome costs $299 for the device. You can use your Health Spending or Flex Spending account to pay for TytoHome. Exams that you receive from your physician using TytoHome will be billed and reimbursed based on your doctor’s policies.
What physicians are at the other end of a TytoHome telehealth visit?

During our initial launch, TytoHome is being offered through healthcare systems and physicians, so your own doctor or health system may be available to diagnose your exams. To be updated when Tyto is available near you, please complete our no-obligation pre-order form.
How do I know if my physician offers TytoHome?

If your physician is offering TytoHome you should receive a communication directly from him/her letting you know that it is available. If you would like to find out if your physician is offering TytoHome, please complete our no-obligation pre-order form.
Can I take TytoHome on vacation?

Of course! That is what Tyto was designed for, remote use. You just need an internet connected Wi-Fi connection and you are all set!
Will insurance cover the cost of the device and the visits?

Some insurance carriers may choose to reimburse the Tyto device. You should speak directly with your carrier to find out their specific policy. The device cost does qualify as a reimbursable expense under your HSA or FSA account.
What do I need to use TytoHome?

Using Tyto is easy; it just requires a tablet or smart phone and a internet connection.
How does TytoHome transmit data?

Data is transmitted via your existing Wi-Fi and internet connection.
Who gets to see my data from my exams?

Exam data is sent via an encrypted secure network to your physician or the physician of your choice and is stored on our HIPAA-compliant cloud. Only you and your doctor can determine who can access your medical records.