Removing the Barriers Of Telehealth with Federally Funded Programs

Expand your remote care without expanding

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Qualify for Federal Telehealth Funds with TytoCare

Round 2 Funding

Additional $249.95 million in round 2 funding support for healthcare providers will build on success of Initial program.

Program Goals

COVID-19 Telehealth Program was designed to help health care providers offer telehealth and connected care services to patients in response to the pandemic.

Reach the Underserved

Provide connected care services to rural communities, students, seniors, underserved communities, and many more demographics with additional funding.

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2020 Grant Winners with TytoCare

Over $10M government funds awarded to telehealth programs with Tytocare

Grant Funded Telehealth Programs

School-Based Telehealth

Allow schools to open safely by connecting students to providers at a hub facility to remotely monitor students.

Senior Care Facilities

Enable non-clinical staff and residents to conduct remote examinations in their rooms.

Remote Specialty Consults

TytoCare can be used at virtually any location to connect to a specialist remotely for care collaboration

Quarantine Sites

Enable professionals to assess patient health at high risk locations prior to discharge.

Remote Monitoring

Patients in isolation can be cared for remotely without needing to come into the hospital or physically interact with healthcare professionals.

Traveling Clinicians

TytoCare is easily portable and can be used by clinicians visiting quarantine sites, nursing homes, schools and more.

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A Complete Telehealth Platform for Primary & Urgent Care

The TytoCare Solution


Capture and share remote examination data, conduct a specialist consultation, or obtain a second opinion


Enable patients to connect with a clinician from the comfort of their own homes


Turn any school, nursing home, care facility, or workplace into a remote telehealth clinic



1,000+ underserved patients received access to effective remote care amid COVID​.

Jordan Valley (FQHC)

Enabled 700+ underserved patients to safely connect with a provider in seconds and inform clinical diagnosis.

Pike County Schools

Twenty remote clinics launched within one week; allowed students and teachers to return to school without risk of infection. ​

Great Plains Data Network

Six rural healthcare centers expanded care to hundreds of patients who previously did not have access to providers amid the pandemic.

Greene County Schools

Connected hundreds of students to care remotely, keeping parents safe from infection and able to stay at work during an economic recession.

UMiami Tele-Vigilance Program

Remotely monitor students', staff's, and faculties' health to contain the virus on campus

Overcoming Telehealth's Biggest Barrier

Learn about TytoCare's extensive platform, designed for conducting precise and thorough medical exams that guide the patient through a comprehensive medical exam

Case Studies

96% of Tyto-based offline exams did not require additional video-consultation with a physician after the initial Tyto exam provided sufficient data

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Images and sounds acquired using the Tyto device not only were sufficient for diagnosis but were in fact superior to those acquired...

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Transfers to the ED were reduced to 5% a year, compared to the 25% of residents transferred to the ED before Tyto Care implementation.

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TytoCare can increase utilization of telehealth services by 39% above standard industry rates to drive cost savings.

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Advocate Children's Hospital: Evaluating the Role of Telehealth in Caring for Children with Medical Complexity

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Thaliand’s Samitivej and BDMS hospitals expand the usage of Tyto as part of the fight against COVID-19

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Enhanced Telehealth Services. Increased Patient Utilization. A Case for Health System Adoption of the TytoCareTM Device.

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The School-Based Telehealth Revolution: How TytoCare is Transforming Remote Care in Rural Schools

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