From School to Rural care: How to create effective, scalable telehealth programs

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Aug 09, 2021

With the impact of COVID-19 still lingering, people are looking for ways to get back to their ‘normal’ lives. For healthcare, there’s no going back – the lessons we have learned over the last year are already being put into practice across the US to provide better healthcare for their constituents.

This is particularly true when looking at opportunities for those who find healthcare hard to access – rural communities, seniors in care homes, and school children. These groups face the greatest disruption to their lives when attempting to access high quality healthcare.

Telehealth programs being implemented by providers ensure that these groups have easy and timely access to excellent healthcare opportunities. Our round table discussion, featuring Dr. Stormee Williams of Children’s Health and Mandy Bell of Avel eCARE, discusses telehealth programs for schools, senior care facilities, and rural areas.

From training staff spread across large areas, to the business impacts of virtual care, we take a look at the programs they’ve been running together with TytoCare and learn how setting up and optimizing a telehealth program can have a massive impact on the communities around us.

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