Gateways to Israeli Tech Merav Weinryb, Qualcomm Ventures: Successful CEOs are real leaders

Dec 06, 2021

Speaking to CTech as part of a special investor survey, Merav Weinryb from Qualcomm Ventures stressed that “successful startups have passionate teams, who communicate well, are very focused on their targets, but are flexible enough to move and change when needed”

Which industries seem well-positioned to thrive long term? What companies are you excited about (whether in your portfolio or not), which founders?

I see Robotics, IoT and XR as huge opportunities that just started evolving, and AI as a major enabler for these industries. In the Qualcomm Ventures portfolio I am excited about companies which disrupt the markets they are active in. Examples include TytoCare, which disrupts the primary care market, creating a whole new experience in the patient journey or Wiliot, which transforms the way products are made, distributed, sold and used by enabling a new level of visibility.


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