How Remote Triage Cut Costs and Improved Care for SWICA – Largest Swiss Insurer

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Dec 03, 2020

Featuring PD Dr. Oliver Reich, Head of santé24, SWICA On The Future of on Demand Care Is Here! With a Full Remote Solution – From Triage Through Prescription.

Remote healthcare has never been more relevant. But while telehealth – remote medical exams that eliminate the need to travel and keep doctors and patients safer – is an obvious solution, there’s more to telehealth than a simple video call. Battling the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare providers around the world are under pressure like never before to do the impossible: treat patients at a faster pace, more efficiently, while trimming costs and somehow keeping client satisfaction at or above current rates.

This webinar will explore real-world stories in which the Tyto Care remote exam system is being used to solve challenges around the globe – from door-to-door medical visits in remote villages in Chile, to a creative workflow in Switzerland, where the country’s leading health provider created a triage system for nurses to handle first-tier steps and measurements, and only involve doctors when needed. Whether for home use, implementations as a remote clinic in a school or business, or as a key toolkit for traveling eldercare specialists, you can deliver on the full promise of telehealth, by driving efficiency, cutting costs, and yes, delighting patients with immediate, reliable care.



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