Lighting Up The World: The Game-Changing Technologies That Will Set New Standards In 2022

Dec 07, 2021
The UN delegates, who seek to foster innovative programs and technologies in order to promote equality and improve health and quality of life in their home countries, received an introduction to some of the most impressive and impactful Israeli startups today, who are considered world leaders in sustainability, food security, medicine, agriculture and water conservation.


The Israeli companies were convened by Karin Mayer Rubinstein, CEO & President of the Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI), Israel’s umbrella organization of the high-tech and all advanced industries, which was founded to integrate the various sectors of the industry with strategic and ongoing governmental goals. The work of IATI proves that in addition to innovative ideas, innovative regulations and governmental best practices are essential. It connects members of Israel’s tech ecosystem, provides solutions to short-and-long-term challenges and provides to high-tech, life science and other advanced technology industries, as well as venture capital funds, help and support in paving a clear path towards implementation of their word changing innovations. Ongoing communication between innovation companies and decision makers — who can reformulate regulations and outdated restrictions that hinder the progress of these new technologies— is critical so that these new companies can truly make an impact and lead change.

Rubinstein believes that given the diversity and complexity of global challenges, they can only be addressed through collaborations between world leaders, governments and the private sector. “A fundamental factor that ensures success is strong cross-border Public Private Partnerships among industries and governments all over the world. We should all take part in facilitating fruitful PPP’s.”

In a pre-recorded speech, Israel’s president, Isaac “Bougie” Herzog praised this unique gathering with a message to the many ambassadors present. “We must establish cross-border collaborations and build resilient societies, healthy communities, and thriving economies,” he said. “Building Back Better means building back together. The State of Israel is committed to working with trail-blazing entrepreneurs, the private sector and all like-minded governments in true partnership, for a brighter shared future.

One by one, the Israeli companies presented their innovations as the ambassadors listened attentively.

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