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Can This Home Medical Kit Save You From Constant Doctor Visits?

Parents of young children are painfully aware of how often their kids are exposed to germs at daycare, school, the playground, storytime, etc.  In fact, it’s estimated that children under the age of 6 average six to eight colds per year–from September through April–with symptoms from each lasting roughly 14 days.

Dedi Gilad, an Israeli entrepreneur and father of two, was at his limit. He says it was a nightmare when his eldest child went into kindergarten. Gilad and his wife repeatedly ended up going back and forth between their Tel Aviv home and their pediatrician’s office, in what felt like “every other week,” Gilad says.

Most of the time, it was a mild issue that didn’t require hospitalization or even medication, but still, the concerned parents wanted a doctor’s sign-off. There, sitting amid a crowded office of sick kids “sneezing all over you,” says Gilad, he envisioned a better, less irritating solution. He wanted something that cut down on the hours spent to and from a clinic, but also mainstreamed the entire process for a working parent.

“It really takes such a long time, and you know it’s going to end with a very simple resolve by a clinician,” says Gilad.

Gilad previously led technology organizations and interdisciplinary R&D groups in Israeli healthcare, so he decided to lend his experience to what was slowly driving his young family crazy. “I have an engineering background,” he says, “so I asked myself: How can we do this differently?”

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