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“Health from home” in the wake of COVID-19

Over the last few years, the landscape of the medical industry has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Overcrowded hospitals and doctors’ offices have led to technological advancements that allow patients to receive medical attention from the comfort of their couch! While many medical appointments have become virtual, med-tech, or medical technology, looks to improve people’s health by preventing, diagnosing, monitoring and treating diseases, illnesses, or medical conditions through systems of telemedicine/telehealth. The pandemic has accelerated changes in the telehealth industry. Medical advancements are beginning to better suit the living situations of those all around the world, kick-started by the pandemic’s highlighting of the need for medical technological advancements.

TytoCare provides remote examination and telehealth platforms that examine the heart, lungs, skin, throat and ears, while providing temperature readings. The platform enables users to list their symptoms, and then receive feedback regarding their ailment and the proper steps that should follow. The FDA approved TytoCare’s smart stethoscope, a tool the platform operates on that is connected to an iPhone or iPad application. Patients can also choose to speak to health care professionals remotely, with the goal of making healthcare visits and exams accommodating, comfortable and price-friendly.


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