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The best telemedicine services to see a doctor from home

It\’s late at night and you\’re coming down with something: itchy throat, watery eyes, pounding head, aching stomach. Do you push through the pain until morning, when you can see your primary care physician, or rush to the emergency room where you might end up with a hefty bill? And in times of crisis like the coronavirus pandemic, do you risk contagion by sitting in a waiting room to see your nurse practitioner or doctor for an in-person medical care appointment?

In either scenario — or any other situation where you might not want to or can\’t travel to a doctor\’s office — you can pick up your phone and, in a matter of a few taps, explain your symptoms to an online doctor who can immediately advise you on the best course of treatment through a virtual visit using a telehealth app.    

That\’s thanks to the rise of telemedicine, an umbrella term that covers all the ways you can receive medical care via text, online chat, phone, video and yes, even apps. Online doctors can diagnose and treat a range of medical conditions, including allergiescold and flufevers, asthma, ear infections, UTIs and so much more through an online doctor consultation. And, depending on the particular virtual care you receive, you can use your regular health insurance.

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