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The Coolest Tech for Parents at CES 2017

Huffington Post

by Jeana Lee Tahnk, Contributor

Reporting on the coolest products at CES 2017 was an eye-opening glimpse into the future and confirmation that technology is going to continue impacting every part of our lives. Products for families and babies, in particular, were impressively represented by the Family Tech SummitBaby Tech Summit and Baby Tech Awards, which showcased the most innovative products that will be hitting shelves this year.

As I walked the show floor, I was amazed by sheer number of products to see, hear about and ogle (with a fair amount of bemoaning where these products were when my kids were babies).

Par for the course with CES, there was so much tech, too little time. But with a focus on tech that’s specifically geared towards families, here are my 12 picks from the show. (Also, check out my Cool Mom Tech coverage on the coolest new baby monitors and smart home products!)

The future is here, parents.


The future of medicine is in telehealth and this product could have a huge impact on parenting and kids’ health. TytoHome is digital diagnosing tool that lets you take initial readings of things like throat, ears, stomach and lungs at home, and then have immediate access to medical advice. Of course, this doesn’t replace going to a real pediatrician, but the reassurance at 2 AM that your kid has the beginnings of an ear infection is invaluable. ($299, available for pre-order now)

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