Why Telemedicine Isn’t A Temporary Fix — It’s The Future

Apr 05, 2022

But to make telemedicine a truly viable form of care long-term, we need to push past that. The other applications of telemedicine will make the field significantly more impactful. It will move beyond simply being able to communicate with medical staff remotely, and more toward offsetting basic care and conducting remote diagnostics. Companies like Tytocare are already making huge strides in these areas, offering on-demand medical exams, post-op patient monitoring and expert remote consults.

Being able to offer certain types of medical care remotely could have a transformational impact on the healthcare industry, particularly in senior living and eldercare. A 2021 study from Capital Caring Health found that nearly 90% of adults over age 50 want to remain at home and “age in place.” But it can be difficult, especially without the right equipment and technology in the home.

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