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TytoCare Summit: Entering the Era of Telehealth 2.0 – More than just video

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Apr 22, 2021

For almost a decade, telehealth was a fanciful idea … a nice-to-have, at best. In one of the medical sector’s most dramatic innovative leaps, telehealth has taken center stage. It offers proven benefits for patients, clinicians, intake and office staff, nursing teams, traveling or remote healthcare workers, and the insurance and health provider management professionals who handle business dynamics. But not all virtual health is the same; beyond basic on-screen video dialogue, real diagnosis requires a key enhancement: the collecting and remote analysis of clinic-quality exam data.

Medical technology leaders – both Fortune 500 firms and bleeding-edge startups – are creating and integrating new hardware and software innovations that come through on the promise: quick, safe remote exams with the same quality and accuracy as an in-person visit. We’re building an exciting agenda for our April Virtual Summit, full of interactive sessions and networking opportunities, with an exceptional agenda of speakers that will speak to their specific case studies to showcase their journey with telehealth.

They will be discussing both general trends and specific examples from the realms of business, inpatient processes, urgent care, school-based programs, and other verticals of telehealth that are improving in dozens of ways.

Capacity is limited, so make sure to register to save your spot.

April 22, 2021
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