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TytoCare provides employers an easy, convenient way to give employees access to quality medical care anytime, anywhere. Our telehealth solutions are designed for use in the office, at home, and on the road, which enables employees to connect with a clinician or specialist for a medical exam and telehealth visit when needed.

Expand Your Network of Care

Hospital Telemedicine

At Home

  • Provide on demand medical exams to your patients.
  • Monitor post-op patients and those with chronic conditions.
  • Improve level of care, reduce costs, and improve patient satisfaction.
Hospital Telemedicine

At School

  • Provide remote medical exams to students and faculty.
  • Increase school telehealth coverage with a portable, affordable solution.
  • Improve student care and reduce absenteeism.
Hospital Telemedicine

Urgent Care

  • Provide expert consults and second opinions when needed.
  • Reduce on-site staffing needs, improve load balancing.
  • Reduce patient wait times.
Hospital Telemedicine

Traveling Nurses

  • Provide nurses with access to on demand clinician and specialist consults.
  • Improve level of care.
  • Reduce visits to the ER.
Hospital Telemedicine

Long-Term Care

  • Provide patients with on demand medical exams with a doctor or specialist.
  • Reduce on-site staffing requirements.
  • Improve level of care.
Hospital Telemedicine


  • Provide employers with access to on demand medical exams and telehealth visits conducted by your physicians.
  • Reduce unnecessary visits to urgent care and the ER.
  • Improve employer productivity and reduce absenteeism while expanding your patient base.

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TytoCare is transforming healthcare delivery with On Demand medical exams and telehealth visits, anytime, anywhere.

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