Tyto Care for
Employee Health

Extend the reach of clinicians anytime, anywhere.

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Shorter Visit Time

Tyto Care exams duration of visits are more than 4x  shorter than average outpatient care appointments.

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Average Savings

Employer and/or member saves an average of $201 per episode with Tyto Care

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Industry Standard Utilization

Tyto Care devices had a 38.6% utilization rate, more than 7x the industry standard telehealth utilization rate.

TytoCare Professional Solutions

Use Case TytoHome TytoClinic TytoPro
Employer Onsite Clinics

How Does it Work?


Sick employee is directed to a Tyto Care device


Capture and share exams with a provider or conduct a live guided exam


Get a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription if needed

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Success Stories

TytoCare can increase utilization of telehealth services by 39% above standard industry rates to drive cost savings.

See the slides for the on demand webinar with Tyto Care and Best Buy to increase your telehealth program utilization.

“Virtual visits are cheaper with our insurance than trips to urgent care or the emergency room. So on top of the convenience, it’s saving me money.”

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