Tyto Care for
School Health

Extend the reach of clinicians to local school systems

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Schools Covered

6x schools covered than traditional telemedicine carts

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Returned to Class

89% of students were able to return to class

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Tyto Care devices are up to 10x cheaper than traditional telemedicine carts

TytoCare Professional Solutions

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School Health

How Does it Work?


Nurses are given a Tyto Care device and calls clinician at the hub facility


Nurse initiates virtual exam with the clinician and the student


Clinician can diagnose from the hub facility

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Success Stories

Tyto Care was able to provide service for all 26 schools within a district, compared to 6 schools the previous telemedicine provider was able to cover with the same budget.

Images and sounds acquired using the Tyto device not only were sufficient for diagnosis but were in fact superior to those acquired through the standard-of-care digital devices.

Reduction in emergency transfers and days spent in hospitalization with Tyto Care for Children with Medical Complexities (CMC) came a cost-savings of nearly $7,200 per patient.

“If we can’t physically be in the school, we can certainly be a clinician remotely and help the school nurse.”

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