Tyto Care for
Senior Care

Remote patient monitoring for the elderly

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Patients per day

Visiting nurses able to see 4x more patients per day

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Reduction in ED transfers

Switching to Tyto Care reduced ED transfers from >25% to 5%.

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Online Visits

84% did not require an in-person follow up

TytoCare Professional Solutions

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Senior Care

How Does it Work?


Resident calls staff with medical complaint


Staff initiates virtual exam with the clinician at the hub facility


Clinician can diagnose the resident and prescribes from the hub facility

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Success Stories

Transfers to the ED were reduced to 5% a year, compared to the 25% of residents transferred to the ED before Tyto Care implementation.

On-Demand webinar slides reviewing Tyto Care being used in senior living facilities to protect the elderly, vulnerable, and staff members from exposure to COVID-19.

“Devices like Tyto are going to dramatically increase the value of telehealth and the type of service that can be delivered”

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