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Welcome to Allied Telehealth, powered by TytoCare!

There are two ways to use the program

Order the TytoHome Exam Kit

The TytoHome Exam Kit enables you to connect with your doctor to conduct a comprehensive remote exam of the heart, lungs, ears, skin, throat and temperature, and receive an immediate diagnosis and prescription if needed. Scroll down to learn more about TytoHome.

Exam Kit

Download the free TytoCare App

The TytoCare App enables a video-only consult with your doctor for conditions that don’t require a physical exam, such as ADHD follow-ups, anxiety issues, behavioral issues and consults.

Exam Kit

Introducing TytoHome

A complete physical exam and telehealth visit, all from the comfort of home

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How it works

Comprehensive Exams

How Tyto Can Help

Device Exam


  • Convenience – see your doctor from the comfort of home, without wait times or travel time
  • Peace of mind – Debates about whether to rush to the emergency room are over
  • Confidence – TytoHome’s easy-to-use guidance technology ensures accurate exam data is captred every time
  • Advanced technology – TytoHome offers clinic-quality examinations and a secure platform for sharing exam data with your physician