Innovative device to remotely monitor student-athletes’ health amid the pandemic

Jun 29, 2020

With student-athletes returning to campus, the University is adding “tele-vigilance” to its multifaceted approach for containing the coronavirus. As the father of a young daughter with frequent ear infections, Dedi Gilad spent too many hours in a clinic waiting to see the child’s doctor, fretting about their time away from school and work, and dreaming of a better way to diagnose and treat common ailments. Now the little device that Gilad, the co-founder of Tyto Care, developed to provide on-demand medical exams is poised to deliver on a big promise to University of Miami student-athletes who are returning to campus amid the pandemic. Should they exhibit even minor symptoms of the highly contagious coronavirus that shut down South Florida in mid-March, or come in contact with anyone who has tested positive, they’ll have almost instant access to a doctor who can examine and monitor them very closely—but from afar—with one of Tyto Care’s TytoHome kits. Click here to read the full article.

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