Telehealth Platform Tyto Care Joins Epic App Orchard Marketplace

May 22, 2019

Tyto Care, a NYC-based all-in-one modular device and telehealth platform for on-demand, remote medical exams, today announced that it has joined the Epic App Orchard marketplace, enabling health organizations to offer the integrated telehealth service to their care providers and patients for comprehensive telehealth visits and access to patient data. The Epic marketplace integration allows patients to use the TytoCare examination device and consumer app in unified workflow with Epic’s MyChart patient app. Healthcare providers, in turn, can perform remote medical exams using TytoCare and leverage the exam data to conduct comprehensive telehealth visits and physical assessments. Upon completion of the telehealth visit, exam data captured by TytoCare is automatically transferred to Epic’s electronic health record (EHR). Click here to read the full article.

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