The Next Generation Of Telehealth

Apr 07, 2017
Click here to view the article As telemedicine has become more well established, it’s been fascinating to observe some of the innovative ways the concept has been expanded.  For instance, TytoCare augment their standard telehealth platform with a range of devices to allow the user to perform a range of tests and examinations themselves. These tools allow the user to examine the ears, throat, skin, heart, lungs, and temperature themselves, thus bridging a significant gap in the telehealth offering.  Traditionally, platforms were severely limited as clinicians could not perform diagnostic examinations of the patient remotely, which restricted the range of consultations they could perform. “For the first time we are making it possible to closely replicate, from home, a face-to-face visit to the doctor’s office,” Dedi Gilad, CEO and Co-Founder of TytoCare, says. “Tyto is providing the missing link that will help telehealth realize its full potential.”
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