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The clinic has come home

Families can finally access the excellent healthcare they deserve with the Home Smart Clinic, for acute care and condition management.


All the care of the doctor, from the comfort of home

The Home Smart Clinic enables remote physical exams by clinicians, regardless of where you are or what condition you have – acute or chronic.

It removes the barriers that prevented the home from being a place where quality primary care can be consumed. Episodic and longitudinal care can now be delivered and consumed from home, with no compromises.

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Replicating doctors’ physical exams from home

Welcome to the new age of healthcare – virtually delivered, physical exams included. No sacrifices, no inconvenience, no inefficiencies.

Who we serve

Health plans

We work with health plans to reduce cost of care, improve access to care, and member experience.

Health systems

We work with healthcare systems and provider groups to increase access to care and improve quality performance indicators.

Solving the Home Health Delivery Gap

The home, the epicenter of our lives, is disconnected from healthcare. Audio and video only telehealth solutions fail to address the clinical needs of healthcare delivery – the ability to diagnose remotely and build trust with clinicians.

With 60% of physicians and 33% of patients saying the visit quality was worse than an in-person visit, it’s clear that traditional audio/video telehealth isn’t closing the Home Health Delivery Gap.
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Meet your key business metrics with the
Home Smart Clinic



compared to traditional telehealth, for more effective care


of visits resolved remotely

for improved quality of care and higher performance indicators


total cost of care reduction

diverting ER and UC visits and providing care at the most efficient sites


NPS score

creating more satisfied patients and increased user retention

No matter where you are, TytoCare’s got you covered

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For healthcare from home, with no compromises

Regardless of what condition – episodic or longitudinal – the Home Smart Clinic elevates the home to be an integral and equitable place for primary care consumption.

The Home Smart Clinic solution includes the comprehensive range of elements required by healthcare organizations to launch a truly successful virtual care program.

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Meeting patients from any community site

Enable your clinicians to meet patients wherever they are, in the community or in their homes, with a clinical-grade remote physical exam device and our full Pro Smart Clinic solution.

Your clinicians can be wherever they are needed most at any given time – resulting in optimal resource utilization, and providing your patients with the best quality care.

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Trusted around the world






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Home Health Delivery Metrics™

Successful Home Smart Clinic deployments cannot be measured by utilization rates alone. Success should be measured by indicators that directly impact the critical business metrics of quality, equity, cost, and retention/acquisition. Our D.R.I.V.E. metrics give a framework for optimal measurement of the success of virtual care programs.

Join the new age of primary care, with no compromises.

Make the home the preferred place for families to access quality primary care they can trust with no compromises, no inconvenience, and no inefficiencies.