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APRN Amy Verlsteffen Talks Keeping Kids Healthy This Winter And Shares Tech That Can Help

COVID-19 vaccines may soon become available to children. Amy recommends each family consult with their pediatrician when deciding if the vaccine is the right move for their child’s health.

“There are some children whose risks would outweigh the benefit for these vaccines, and that includes influenza also,” Amy notes.

“But the best advice is to educate yourself and ask your trusted pediatrician. Together you both can make the decision on what is best for you and your family.”

You may be paying particular attention to the details during cold and flu season, but Amy says that these are precautions that should be prominent in your everyday life.

“The precautions a parent would take with school-aged kids are the same no matter the season,” Amy levels.

“The difference is to provide that extra layer of protection for those that are eligible, and add the COVID-19 vaccine to their agenda. Handwashing and vaccination together will prevent many cases of influenza and COVID, both of which can have deadly effects on healthy children.”

Many families around the country will be adding TytoCare to their family’s health care toolkit.

“TytoCare adds a layer of reassurance to every household. TytoCare provides technology, which is AI-driven guidance, to be able to perform a full medical exam at home and then connect with a physician for diagnosis and treatment,” Amy shares.


“So many times we sit and worry or wonder whether we really need to be seen, whether our cough is something to be worried about, or whether we should or should not send our children to school due to an illness. Having this device at home provides immediate connection to a physician without having to leave home,” she continues.

“Access to in-person care is uncertain due to time of day, appointment availability, work/school schedules, etc. TytoHome breaks down all those barriers and provides medical care from home anytime you are in need.”


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