TytoCare is transforming healthcare delivery with on-demand medical exams and telehealth visits, anytime, anywhere.

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Exam & Forward


Capture exams using the Tyto device and send them to a clinician or specialist for a diagnosis or second opinion. Built-in guidance ensures accuracy and ease of use.

Live Telehealth Exam


Conduct a doctor-guided medical examination during a live video consult. Clinicians can see exams in real-time, provide a diagnosis, and recommend treatment.

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Physicians can hear patients’ heart sounds using the Tyto stethoscope.

Tyto Home Heart Exam


Otoscope captures high-quality images and video of the ear canal and ear drum to assess ear infections and other conditions.

Tyto Home Ear Exam


Doctors can listen to patients’ lungs and breathing to help diagnose colds, congestion, and coughs, and monitor chronic conditions.

Telehealth Monitoring Lungs Exam


Capture images and video of the patient’s throat and tonsils.

Tyto Care Throat Exam


Measure body temperature using Tyto’s no-touch infrared basal thermometer.

Tyto Care Temp Exam


High-definition camera captures high-quality images of the skin to help doctors diagnose rashes and bug bites, and monitor skin lesions.

TytoPro Skin Exam


Using Tyto’s stethoscope, doctors can listen to stomach and bowel sounds to evaluate and diagnose gastrointestinal symptoms.

Telehealth Monitoring Abdoment Exam

Heart rate

Capture your heart rate using Tyto’s stethoscope.

Tyto Care Heart Monitor
Tyto Heart Exam Monitor
TytoCare Lung Exam Monitor
TytoCare Throat Exam
Tyto Care Temperate Monitor
TytoCare Skin Exam
TytoCare Telehealth Abdomen Monitoring
Tyto Care Heart Monitoring Device

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