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Doctors in Israel care for Ukrainians 2,000 km away, as tech shrinks world

In an office near Tel Aviv, a doctor checks the lungs of a Ukrainian refugee who is 2,000 kilometers away. It’s part of a new “virtual hospital” that has Israeli medical staff caring for people injured or displaced in Russia’s onslaught.

They are seeing patients using a range of tech solutions, many of them Israeli-built, that provide the refugees with telemedicine physical examinations, prenatal ultrasounds, health vitals monitoring, blood sample analysis and a range of other checks.

The medical professionals are located at Sheba Medical Center, Israel’s largest hospital, while the patients are in Chisinau, the Moldavan capital. In this city, near the Ukraine border, Sheba has one doctor and several volunteers helping patients to interact with the doctors in Israel.

TytoCare checks refugee children’s lungs, heart, mouth, ears, skin, temperature and oxygen saturation levels, while units by Biobeat Medical Technologies monitor vital signs and displays them on the remote physician’s dashboard in real time.

Sarit Lerner, chief technology for Sheba Beyond, her hospital’s telemedicine program, said that her team acted as soon as it recognized the opportunity.

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