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Telemedicine gets even more accurate with the the TytoCare Medical Exam Kit. Whoa.

Even in pre-Covid days, I always hated sitting in a doctor’s waiting room just thinking about the “bonus” rotovirus we were probably contracting on top of the ear infection we were there to treat. That’s a big reason I am so excited about the TytoCare Medical Exam Kit.

I’m sure most of us are no strangers to telehealth visits through an app like Teledoc or Doctor on Demand app since Covid first reared its ugly head. This isn’t that.

This incredible new technology is a small handheld device that provides the the tools for a more accurate medical exam, all done from the comfort of home — or your hotel room, or campsite, or Grandma’s house 500 miles away.

What I really like about the TytoCare kit and their free TytoApp is that it allows you to provide real useable data and information to a licensed medical clinician, and not just a description of symptoms.

Because, let’s face it, our child’s description of their ear feeling “ouchy” can be less-than-helpful to a doctor on the other side of a computer screen. And, try as I may, I cannot hear how my kids’ lungs sound by pressing my ear up to their chest.

You can listen to a child’s  (or parent’s or partner’s) heart or lungs; use the camera to better show a funky rash or potential pinkeye to a medical professional; add a reusable otoscope adapter to the device’s camera and film the inside of their ears to look for infection; or use the tongue depressor adapter to see down their throat just like if they were sitting on that crinkly exam table paper.

Then, you can upload data for a clinician to review, either before your appointment or in real time. Consult with a clinician via the free TytoApp, and they’ll be able to better advise whether the symptoms can be treated with a prescription that they’ll phone in, or maybe just some rest and chicken soup is all that’s needed.

For parents, I think it’s just genius. The idea that my sick and miserable child doesn’t even need to leave their comfy bed to get a reasonable diagnosis is incredible — especially these days.

And as a mom of multiple kids, I really appreciate that you can get help for your own bad head cold without having to drag a couple of rambunctious toddlers out the door with you.


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