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The 10 most innovative health companies of 2021

Why Ping An Good Doctor, GoodRx, Level Ex, and more made our annual list of the most innovative health companies.

This year’s Most Innovative Health companies list continues a years-long trend toward telemedicine, as annual checkups, chronic-illness management, and urgent care visits got rescheduled and reshuffled by the pandemic. Winners include remote care for diabetes and hypertension and opioid addiction, as well as tools to find, compare, and onboard with telehealth providers.


For transmitting vital visuals, stats, and symptoms to remote doctors

How much can a doctor do through a screen? A lot. TytoCare has created an at home device that lets doctors monitor a patient’s heart, lungs, ears, throat, abdomen, temperature, and heart rate remotely. The company works with 50 health care providers including American Well, Ochsner Anywhere Care, Sanford Health, Epic App, and Orchard. It also integrates with EPIC’s electronic health record system. During the pandemic, when people were scared to go to the doctors office, TytoCare’s telehealth device offered a more routine doctor’s visit from home. The device is sold at Best Buy.

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