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The best pediatric telehealth platforms for kids—and moms

TytoCare is changing the landscape of telehealth, allowing virtual doctors an actual glimpse into what’s going on more than ever before. Now you can be the one to check your child’s ears, nose, throat and more and send those findings in real time to a board-certified physician. Featuring a palm-sized, hand-held exam camera, you can use the included stethoscope or tongue depressor attachments to stream symptoms to a doctor in a 1:1 virtual appointment.

“As a mother of five and a pediatric nurse practitioner, I have used the TytoCare device both for my family and for my patients at my previous practice,” says Amy Verlsteffen, senior director of clinical transformation. “This innovative technology simply bridges the gap between an in-office visit and a traditional telemedicine video visit. Having the ability to provide a fully remote, comprehensive medical exam is a game-changer for accessible healthcare.”

Why we love it: TytoCare gives you the ability to send real symptoms and data points to a clinician, helping them make a more informed decision about your care. It’s really easy to use, and you’ll be able to get a diagnosis and/or prescription in minutes—no office visit necessary.

Why it’s good for mamas, too: If your kiddo’s ear infection passed on to you, you can send your symptoms to a doc, too. The TytoCare home exam kit can be used for both kids and adults and comes complete with both adult- and child-sized ear attachments.


What it costs: TytoCare is free if your insurance covers telehealth visits. If your plan doesn’t cover telehealth, the copay is usually under $59. If you have an HSA or FSA, it can be used to purchase the TytoCare device.


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