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Turn your smartphone into a medical diagnostics microscope

If your eye is oozing and red, and an infection is suspected, you need to make an appointment with your doctor and get a lab analysis before you can start antibiotic treatment.

Physicist-turned-biologist Ariel Livne wondered if the whole process could be done at home by pairing some simple optics equipment with his smartphone to analyze biological samples in the case of an eye infection, a teardrop.

That is the basis of the startup of Jerusalem, co-founded by Livne in November 2017 with Tamir Epstein with the help of a pre-seed grant from the Israel Innovation Authority… is not the only Israeli company pioneering the home diagnostics sector. TytoCare of Netanya and New York sells a home exam kit and app that lets people perform basic medical exams guided by a doctor. The device includes instruments to check ears, throat, heart and lungs, skin and body temperature, and transmits those images and sounds to the physician.

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