Where can I purchase TytoHome?

What do I need in order to use TytoHome?

What smartphones and tablets are compatible with Tyto?

Who is the doctor on the other end of the visit?

Do I need any training to use Tyto?

Is Tyto covered by insurance?

What exams can be performed using Tyto?

Can I use TytoHome away from home?

Who sees the data from my exams, and is it HIPAA-compliant?

Is Tyto FDA cleared?

Who can use TytoHome?

Is TytoHome similar to the exam tools used by doctors in an office?

What conditions can be diagnosed with TytoHome?

Can I receive a prescription after a TytoHome telehealth visit?

What is my role in the Tyto exam?

What is my physician’s role in the Tyto exam?

Is TytoHome okay to use on sensitive skin?

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