Stand out with remote physical exams

Provide better healthcare to a wider range of community members, improve performance indicators, and reduce clinician burnout.


Go beyond your quality and efficiency KPIs


more efficient use of staff

with less staff required on-site and more remote care options available


of visits resolved remotely

for improved quality of care and higher performance indicators


NPS score

creating more satisfied members and increased user retention



compared to traditional telehealth, for more effective care

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Replicating doctors’

TytoCare’s AI-enabled FDA-cleared solution is the only proven solution to enable real remote physical exams, for better virtual care for every member of the family.

No matter where they are – at home, at school, or at work – TytoCare connects patients to clinicians for better remote diagnoses across different care modalities: acute, chronic, or preventive.

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Reach patients, wherever they are

TytoCare enables better access to care for different communities with varying needs. Our flexible solutions integrate into existing platforms and EMRs for faster implementation.

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Employee Health

With TytoCare, employees can undergo a medical visit without ever having to leave the office. It’s an all-in-one solution that saves time and cuts costs.

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Rural Care

Millions of Americans live in vulnerable, underserved communities. TytoCare enables them to affordably access medical care without excessive wait times or travel.

school health icon

School Health

TytoCare for schools provides students with access to high-quality care, whether or not their schools have an on-site nurse.

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Senior Care

TytoCare can be used on-site at senior care facilities to reduce ED transfers, leading to better health outcomes for the elderly and lowered costs.

Primary Care from Home icon

Primary Care from Home

TytoCare enables families at home to receive quality care with remote physical exams, across cohorts and modalities.

Benefits of remote physical exams


Increase brand awareness and gain competitive advantage

to acquire new customers and retain existing ones

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Provide operational efficiency

with an easily implemented, cost-effective on-site solution

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Integrate seamlessly

with EMRs through connected devices

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Better health equity

by serving a wider range of community members


Primary care at home and on-site

For the entire family at home

family using tytocare family using tytocare

Your providers
using the TytoCare clinician platform

and on-site clinics from anywhere

employers with tytocare employers with tytocare

Your providers
using the TytoCare clinician platform

Changing the face of telehealth as we know it

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Traditional Telehealth

24/7 access
Remote temperature check
Remote lung exams
Remote ear exams
Remote heart sounds
Remote throat exams
Remote abdomen sounds
Remote skin exams

Join the new age of primary care, with no compromises.

Give families access to quality primary care they can trust from anywhere, with no compromises, no inconvenience, and no inefficiencies.