Pro Smart Clinic

Health systems and plans use TytoCare’s Pro Smart Clinic solution to provide better and more accessible healthcare and alleviate staff shortages, while driving cost reduction and reaching more patients.

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Healthcare from anywhere, with no compromises

The Pro Smart Clinic gives your patients access to high-quality healthcare wherever they are – be it at school, at the workplace, in rural areas, underserved areas, or in senior care facilities. Clinicians can be wherever they are most needed at any time, enabling optimal staff utilization.

TytoCare connects patients to clinicians by replicating the clinic experience with medical grade remote physical exams, for remote diagnoses across urgent, primary, and specialty care. Our solutions integrate into existing platforms and EMRs for faster implementation.

Transform any site into a clinic

The Pro Smart Clinic solution includes the comprehensive range of elements required by healthcare organizations to launch a truly successful virtual care program.

Remote physical exams underline

TytoCare’s FDA-cleared handheld solution enables on-site medical staff or patients to conduct medical exams remotely with a clinician for accurate diagnoses – e.g., listen to heart and lung sounds, look into the ear canal, throat, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, weight, and more.



in the on-site or on-the-go

Our TytoPro kit enables the Pro Smart Clinic solution in on-site or travel scenarios.

tyocare device


for remote sites

Our TytoClinic kit enables the Pro Smart Clinic solution to be set up anywhere. Onsite professional staff (medical or non-medical) conduct the exams remotely, and communicate remotely with a clinician to share exam data.

TytoPro device
Blue ear Ear
Green lungs Lungs
Orange heart Heart
Purple throat Throat
Red heart Heart rate
pink temprature Temperature
yellow skin Skin
Green Abdomen Abdomen
hands holding heart

Urgent, primary, and specialty care modalities

The Pro Smart Clinic solution is designed to support modalities and use cases across the spectrum of care for all your patients. Leveraging remote physical exams means that patients have access to urgent, primary, and specialty care from anywhere.

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Tyto Insights™

Tyto Insights™ use large amounts of continuously gathered and anonymous clinical and usage data to drive AI-powered guidance and diagnostic support capabilities.

throat exam on patient

Patient support

We continuously gather huge amounts of anonymous data to support patients when conducting exams remotely, enabling accurate image and sound capture even without a clinician present.

examing woman with tytocare

Diagnostic support

We leverage our data repository for AI models that support clinicians in their diagnoses. For example, Tyto Insights™ for Wheeze Detection enables clinicians to accurately diagnose respiratory conditions remotely.

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Provider integrations

The Pro Smart Clinic supports any provider model, enabling healthcare payers and health systems to make the most of the benefits it offers. We support the full spectrum of providers – from telehealth provider groups, to regional or branded health systems or community physicians.