How does
TytoCare work?

Remote physical exams for members and patients at any time.

tytocare device
Woman examines her child with tytocare Woman examines her child with tytocare

Bringing the human touch to remote care

With the TytoCare Home Smart Clinic solution, you can replicate doctors’ physical exams, regardless of where your patient or your clinician is.

purple ear Ear
purple lung Lungs
heart Heart
purple throat Throat
heart Heart rate
temperature Temperature
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Abdomen Abdomen

Meet with a doctor, no matter where

Synchronous care

Real-time visits with patients and clinicians connected via video call, with the clinician able to control the Tyto device and see results live.


Asynchronous care

Patient records exams recommended by the TytoCare AI or by the clinician with the Tyto device, and sends those to the clinician for review.

Across care modalities

Provide better healthcare with innovative, cost-effective, efficient telehealth with fully remote physical exams.

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image of a heart lying downimage of a heart lying down


Better care, more savings


average NPS

for more satisfied members and increased retention


shorter visit time

vs. outpatient care appointment


visits resolved

completely remotely


greater utilization

compared with traditional telehealth

Watch a fully remote exam

See the impact of TytoCare in 2 minutes

“That doctor is nowhere near me but she checked out my ear drum and gave me medication.

And this dude didn’t even have to go anywhere…”

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Join the new age of primary care, with no compromises.

Make the home the preferred place for families to access quality primary care they can trust with no compromises, no inconvenience, and no inefficiencies.