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Remote physical exams work both synchronously and asynchronously to enable on the spot clinical sessions or the option to review exam data later on.
Turn TytoCare on
Turn TytoCare on
Take the recommended exams and send to doctor
Take the recommended exams and send to doctor
Get a diagnosis, treatment
Get a diagnosis, treatment

Perform remote physical exams
The patient shares their symptoms
TytoCare's AI tells the patient which tests to do
Our built-in guidance makes sure the test results are clear.

Meet with a doctor, no matter where


Synchronous care

Real-time visits with patients and clinicians connected via video call, with the clinician able to control the TytoCare device and see results live.

Asynchronous care

Patient records exams recommended by the TytoCare AI or by the clinician with the TytoCare device, and sends those to the clinician for review.

Improving virtual care results

Average savings per visit with TytoCare
Shorter visit time vs. outpatient care appointments
Visits resolved completely remotely
Greater utilization compared with traditional telehealth
Higher NPS than traditional telehealth solutions

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A comprehensive exam kit

The TytoCare device lets you perform guided medical exams with a healthcare provider. Our user-friendly app and clinician dashboard work in real-time to provide a live image and data stream from the patient to the clinician.

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