• The best telemedicine services to see a doctor from home

    That's thanks to the rise of telemedicine, an umbrella term that covers all the ways you can receive medical care via text, online chat, phone, video and yes, even apps. Online doctors can diagnose and treat a range of medical conditions, including allergies, cold and flu, fevers, asthma, ear infections, UTIs and so much more through an online doctor consultation. And, depending on the particular virtual care you receive, you can use your regular health insurance.

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  • How to Stay on Top of Your Health From Home During Covid-19
    Wall Street Journal

    “We can’t do everything by telehealth, but there are a whole bunch of things we can do,” says Dr. Kvedar. “It’s convenient and gives patients access to care they might not otherwise get.” Among the new tools he cites are hand-held telehealth devices. One made by Tyto Care can listen to heart, abdomen and lung sounds, transmit heart rate and temperature, and look into the throat and ear canal.

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  • Fletcher students and staff get virtual health care access
    Houma Today

    “We are pleased to provide the Virtual Wellness Centers and related telehealth services for the Fletcher community,” said Dr. Mark McLean, vice chancellor for Finance and Administration at Fletcher. “The availability of on-site and 24/7 telehealth increases access to healthcare when it is needed most and provides access to healthcare while feeling ill from the comfort of home.”

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  • The Doctor Will See You Now—Without Leaving Your Home
    Architectural Digest

    CC Homes’s homeowners are provided with a one-year membership to Baptist Health Care on Demand, which includes unlimited virtual urgent-care visits along with an in-home TytoCare digital diagnostic device that transmits heart rate and temperature and allows doctors to examine patients’ skin, ears, and throat remotely.

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  • TytoHome: The 100 Best Inventions of 2019
    TIME Magazine

    Getting to the doctor’s office isn’t always easy, but the creators of the $299 TytoHome hope to eliminate that trip altogether. Its handheld device measures vitals; examines lungs, ears, skin and throats with special adapters; and video­conferences with a doctor to monitor the metrics in real time. “It transforms primary care by putting health in the hands of consumers,” says CEO Dedi Gilad. —Hillary Leung

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  • These 5 Baby Tech Gadgets Rocked The Cradle At CES 2019

    The average middle-income family will spend an estimated $12,000 during baby’s first year, the USDA estimated in 2010. The average baby delivery alone can cost upwards of $11,000. So what’s a few hundred (or thousand) more dollars on some baby tech to ensure you know everything that happens from conception to contraction?

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  • ATA President’s Award Winners: Pushing the Needle in Telehealth

    One is a father who knew there had to be a way to remotely diagnose his daughter’s chronic ear infections. Another is a metropolitan healthcare system expanding its reach through virtual care.

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  • Combating the Cost of Flu with Telehealth

    This year’s CDC flu map aptly demonstrates how widespread the flu is nationwide. Flu season often peaks in February and March, resulting in over 31 million outpatient doctor’s visits per year, around 200,000 hospitalizations, and bears more than $87 million in economic burden.

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  • The Coolest Tech for Parents at CES 2017

    Reporting on the coolest products at CES 2017 was an eye-opening glimpse into the future and confirmation that technology is going to continue impacting every part of our lives.

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  • FierceMedicalDevices: OrbiMed backs an Israeli startup developing a futuristic, hand-held diagnostic device
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