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Game-changing tool adds to tele-health technology at Henry Ford

In Kas Kasravi’s role as a patient adviser at Henry Ford Health Systems, he was excited to test the Tyto Care telemedicine tool.

The West Bloomfield professor and inventor, who has a technology background, was curious. He set up a visit with his primary care doctor who fortunately also used the tool.

“Then something really, really interesting happened. Part of my visit was for this persistent cough. In the previous visit over the phone she told me to try a different antihistamine because there could be an issue with allergies or try antacid because it could be related to acid reflux. I tried those and they didn’t work – obviously not conditions that I was experiencing,’’ Kasravi said.

“But as we were testing the medical advice she was able to look in the back of my throat and she said, ‘Oh I see you have a sinus infection.’ Then she prescribed a medication and the next day my cough stopped.’’

The Tyto Care device has a built-in high-resolution camera and three special adapters – an otoscope, a stethoscope and a tongue depressor – that enhances the capability and convenience of a virtual visit.

Telehealth visits exploded early in the coronavirus pandemic and have slowed down a bit, but are here to stay.

“This device allows you to have the whole essence of a visit which is about medical decision-making and how much information you need to make a decision to help the patients,’’ said Dr. Daniel Passerman, interim chief of family medicine at Henry Ford.

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