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Hot startups for April 2018, healthcare edition: Ayasdi, Kyruus, TytoCare

When we talk about innovations in health care, we tend to focus on improving the patient experience through consumer-facing products and technologies. We look for more comfortable, efficient care that’s easily accessible and navigable—ideally at a reasonable cost. But high-tech exam rooms, cutting-edge treatments, and wearable technology aren’t the only things that help patients get the care they need when they need it. The other side of that equation is found in the backend infrastructure of the healthcare industry: the data management systems and applications that do everything from schedule appointments to monitor patient outcomes to analyze research findings.

This month’s hot startups, Ayasdi, Kyruus, and TytoCare, all take different approaches to maximizing patient well-being while increasing capabilities and reducing costs in health care. Ayasdi has turned its AI platform toward large-scale healthcare data analysis, Kyruus is helping to minimize inefficiencies in medical scheduling, and TytoCare is working on perfecting the next wave of telemedicine. All three companies hope to make the healthcare field better for patients and practitioners alike. For a look into how tech is driving healthcare goals, we are featuring Ayasdi, Kyruus, and TytoCare as our hot startups of the month.

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