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In Her Own Words: Amy Verlsteffen’s perfect pandemic timing

As we continue to struggle with Covid-19 at varying levels, some women admit they’re in a better place post-pandemic than they were before. Amy Verlsteffen’s career move was a major step in the right direction.

“When the pandemic first hit, I had recently taken on a new position as the Senior Director of Clinical Transformation for TytoCare. TytoCare is a remote medical device company that enhances the telemedicine visit capability by providing medical exam data directly to the physician. I promise I did not have a crystal ball that would predict what 2020 had in store for us and I had no idea what an ideal time it was to make this career move.

Prior to joining TytoCare, I spent my entire 20-year healthcare career working for a large pediatric primary care practice in South Florida. My roles and responsibilities included direct patient care, clinician training and development, implementing a 24-hour inbound call center with nurse triage, and implementing a telemedicine program. While wanting to maximize the telemedicine experience that my clinicians and patients had, I found TytoCare and brought the brand into our practice. This unique technology allowed us to examine the patients from the comfort of their own home and provide real time heart and lung sounds, ear and throat evaluations, temperature and skin exams, and much more! The technology from a clinical standpoint was astounding.

Towards the end of 2019, TytoCare was looking for a clinical lead to join their U.S. based team. After only a second or two of pondering, I jumped at the opportunity to join such an innovative company where I could seamlessly apply my clinical knowledge and expertise to grow personally and to share my clinical insights with others around the country.

Being a mom of five children, the only point to consider was the amount of travel I would be doing with this new position. My husband and I thought through the logistics and we both decided this would be a great career opportunity for our family. In January 2020, I joined TytoCare. As much as I love my family, I was very excited for the ability to travel and see the world. Three months later the pandemic hit, and we entered lockdown. I was now stuck at home with my husband and I trying to work while also helping our five children with remote learning. We struggled until summer came. Keeping the kids on track during school hours while tackling a new job was definitely stressful but like everything we face as a family, we came out stronger and better.

Now that the world is opening back up and we are beginning to travel a bit again, I find my impact for TytoCare is so much more valuable with face-to-face meetings. My personality thrives on human interaction. Zoom calls definitely cannot portray my enthusiasm and excitement to get this device into the hands of as many clinicians as I can. This technology was game-changing for my patients pre-Covid and now in our Covid world, telemedicine has become the new normal way of seeing patients. This has further justified the need for me to speak to healthcare leaders, payers, and patients about the simple, at-home, clinically sound way to seek healthcare.”