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ReWire and TytoCare among the winners of Extreme Tech Challenge 2020

Two Israeli startups were announced winners on Wednesday of the Extreme Tech Challenge 2020 (XTC). It is the world’s largest startup contest that featured more than 2,400 companies from 87 countries…

TytoCare Ltd. won the Covid-19 Innovation Award for its complete telehealth solution that can deliver easy and affordable telehealth visits. The mobile platform allows anyone to perform self-examinations and receive a remote diagnosis. Founded in 2012 by Dedi Gilad and Ofer Tzadik, it has raised $106.7 million in an undisclosed number of rounds. During the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, hospitals and healthcare providers have expanded their use of Tytocare.

“We are honored that the judges recognized the potential of our product and the impact it has on the fight against Covid-19,” said Dedi Gilad, CEO of TytoCare.

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