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South Carolina Health System Implements Virtual Medical Exam Kit

To improve patient outcomes while maintaining diagnostic accuracy, South Carolina-based Prisma Health implemented the Tytocare Medical Exam Kit, which uses various technology components to virtually detect, diagnose, and care for multiple conditions.

As healthcare providers capitalize on the advancement of technology, various innovations have emerged that can lead to more convenient processes for those providing and receiving care. Prisma Health, an 18-hospital system with 300 outpatient sites and more than 5,100 clinicians across its clinically integrated network, aims to participate in the digital transformation of healthcare by adding virtual care options.

The health system has deployed a new exam kit that allows patients to engage in virtual visits with their providers. The kit includes tools that capture videos and sounds of various organ functions, including the heart and lungs, which are then sent to providers through the Tytocare app for further analysis.

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