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TytoCare adds diagnostic AI component to at-home telehealth kit

At-home medical kit maker TytoCare has rolled out artificial-intelligence-powered features to enable its telehealth platform to perform diagnostic capabilities.

The Tyto Care product consists of an app and a mobile device with modular attachments for various types of exams, including an otoscope for the ears, a stethoscope for the heart and lungs, and a tongue depressor for the throat.

Doctors guide patients through exams in the TytoApp. The solution also lets clinicians and patients share exam data and schedule visits. “The diagnostic support solution builds upon this by automatically detecting certain abnormalities in lung and throat exams, and alerting users and clinicians to the abnormality’s presence,” Dedi Gilad, CEO and co-founder of Tyto Care, told Fierce Healthcare. “This provides the clinician with further information to make a better-informed diagnosis remotely and enables the patient to understand the potential urgency of their concern.”

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