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The five most innovative technologies at Connected Health Symposium 2015

Kristen Lee
News writer

Tyto is a digital home healthcare platform that enables people to conduct full examinations in a physician’s office, remotely at home or wherever the patient may be – and then send that information to an electronic health record (EHR). Built-in tools allow for a full examination of eyes, ears, nose, throat, skin, heart and lungs.

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“Our vision is to become the leading home healthcare platform,” said Jeff Cutler, chief revenue officer at Tyto Care, based in New York. “In essence, what we do is take telehealth and virtual consultations beyond the limitations of audio and video to once again be able to conduct a complete physical exam.” Cutler explained that there is patented guidance system so that anyone can capture clinical quality readings, whether from a heart exam, lung exam or ear exam. The device, through both visual and audio signals, lets the person know whether there is strong signal connection. “The way it connects to the doctor is the patient chooses whether they want to do a live exam with a physician or what we call a ‘storing and forward’ exam if a physician’s not available,” Cutler said.

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During a live exam with a physician, the physician takes virtual control of the device by telling the patient through the screen interface where to place the device in order to get quality signals. For example, a patient is able to capture high-definition, high-quality images of the back of the throat so the physician can determine whether an infection is present, Cutler said. “After capturing the appropriate examinations that the doctor wants, they can add them to their case notes,” Cutler said. “These notes are completely integrated through standards, through all the electronic health records out there. Upon being saved, they are made available to the patient immediately so that they can either see their own images and/or the case notes.” View Original Article