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Tyto Care Brings the Doctor’s Visit to Home: Interview with Ophir Lotan

Tyto Care is an on-demand telehealth provider based in Israel that hopes to bring all aspects of a doctor’s visit to the home. Beyond the limits of traditional telemedicine, the platform also allows patients to conduct their own physical exam using a device that combines a camera, stethoscope, otoscope, thermometer, and tongue depressor.

The idea began after Co-Founder and CEO Dedi Gilad, whose daughter had recurrent ear infections as a child, figured there was a better way to receive medical care than repeated visits to a doctor. “He couldn’t understand why he needed to go into these flu clinics or get out of work in order to take his daughter, day after day, into a clinic,” recalls Ophir Lotan, VP of Product and Implementation at Tyto Care. “As an engineer, he started thinking about a potential solution to this issue.”