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Study: TytoCare Home Smart Clinic Reduces Total Cost of Care by 7% for Health Plan Members

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Research published in the Journal of Health Economics finds lower costs achieved by increasing use of primary care and reducing ED visits by 24% 

NEW YORK, NY, July 12, 2023 – A new peer-reviewed study in the Journal of Health Economics published this week found that TytoCare, a virtual care company enabling accessible, high-quality primary care from home, was able to reduce the total cost of care for adults by 9% and for all ages by 7% in a large commercial health plan population through the use of its Home Smart Clinic. 

The study was conducted by a team of researchers including Dr. Dan Zeltzer of Tel Aviv University, Dr. Liran Einav of Stanford University, Joseph Rashba, and Ran D. Balicer, and analyzed three years of claims data from Clalit, one of the largest HMOs in the world. The researchers found that the Home Smart Clinic led to a 12% increase in primary care utilization, 24.1% reduction in emergency room utilization, and an 11.3% reduction in urgent care utilization. By directing patients to the right care to meet their needs, TytoCare utilization led to a 7% reduction in cost of care across all age groups, and a 9% reduction among adults. The authors wrote that their findings “align with the notion that device adoption and the consequent increase in primary care use either substitute for more intensive settings or aid in preventing cases from escalating to such settings.”

“While telehealth solutions have been available to many health plan members for years, utilization and trust remain low. Even though more convenient alternatives are available, many people still seek out in-person care due to the shortcomings of traditional telehealth options that cannot perform physical exams,” said TytoCare CEO Dedi Gilad. “This study is the latest entry in a growing body of evidence that our Home Smart Clinic approach is the key to unlocking virtual care adoption, to lowering costs, and to helping people get the care they need, where they need it.”

Researchers analyzed data from 28,213 TytoCare users and 104,532 TytoCare visits, matching these claims to data from 982,939 members who visited virtual providers but didn’t use  the Home Smart Clinic. By comparing these data sets, the researchers uncovered several key findings for the sample of Clalit members who utilized TytoCare:

  • 7% reduction in total cost across all services and all age groups
  • 9% reduction in total cost across all services in the adult sample population
  • 12% increase in primary care utilization
  • 11.3% reduction in urgent care utilization, and 11.3% reduction in urgent care costs
  • 24.1% reduction in ER utilization, and 25.6% reduction in ER costs
  • 22.3% reduction in all inpatient costs

TytoCare currently partners with more than 220 health systems and health plans in the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. The TytoCare Home Smart Clinic is the only all-in-one device on the market that can replicate the doctor’s office in the home. Recently, TytoCare announced FDA approval for its AI-backed Tyto Insights™ for Wheeze Detection feature, enabling accurate remote diagnosis of wheezing via the Home Smart Clinic. 

About TytoCare

TytoCare  is a virtual healthcare company that enables leading health plans and providers to deliver remote healthcare to the whole family through its Home Smart Clinic. Combining a cutting-edge, easy-to-use, FDA-cleared device with AI-powered guidance and diagnostic support, the Home Smart Clinic enables the whole family to conduct remote physical exams with a doctor, replicating in-clinic exams for immediate answers from home. TytoCare drives utilization rates that are five times higher than traditional telehealth services; reduces the total cost of care by an average of five percent; diverts ED visits by an average of 10.8%; and has a high average NPS of 83. The Home Smart Clinic includes Tyto Engagement Labs™, a proven framework of engagement journeys designed for the successful deployment and adoption of the solution. To complete its offering, TytoCare also provides the Pro Smart Clinic, for professional settings outside the home to serve rural clinics, schools, workplaces, and more. TytoCare serves over 220 major health systems and health plans in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. 

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