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Avel eCare’s Vision: Telemedicine as a force multiplier in school health services

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In February 2024, we hosted our annual School Health Virtual Summit. The speakers, thought leaders in school telehealth, covered a range of topics which focused on improving care in schools by leveraging virtual care and integrating it into existing school health programs. This blog post is a summary of the talk given by Sheila Freed, Director of School Health at Avel eCare.  

Across the US, the challenge of providing comprehensive health services in schools remains substantial, particularly in rural areas. A mere 40% of schools can afford the luxury of a full-time nurse, and 25% have no nurse at all. This gap in school health care delivery presents a critical issue that Avel eCare aims to address using telemedicine technology. 

Sheila Freed, whose journey at Avel eCare attests to the power of telehealth in overcoming the barriers of traditional school health services, runs Avel eCare’s School Health programs. In light of the dual challenges of nurse scarcity and geographical vastness, Freed’s work showcases how telemedicine can be seamlessly integrated into the school environment to enhance student health outcomes. 

At Avel eCare, Freed has led initiatives to bring virtual care to schools, transforming how health services are delivered. By adopting TytoCare’s telehealth solutions, Avel eCare has been able to extend school-based care’s reach beyond physical constraints, ensuring students can access care regardless of their school’s location or resources. This approach not only mitigates nurse shortages, but it also ensures that school care is accessible and efficient. 

TytoCare’s Pro Smart Clinic has been pivotal in this transformation. This solution, placed in schools, enables staff to conduct clinical-quality physical exams remotely under healthcare professionals’ guidance. This has drastically reduced the need for emergency room visits for non-critical issues and ensured students receive timely medical attention. 

Avel eCare’s endeavor illustrates the power of telemedicine as a solution to long-standing challenges in school health services. This initiative has shown that with the right technology and vision, every student can get the care they need, when they need it. 

As we share Sheila Freed and Avel eCare’s journey, we invite healthcare providers, educational administrators, and policymakers to explore the benefits of telemedicine in schools. We encourage you to watch the full School Health Virtual Care Summit to learn more about Avel eCare’s innovative approach to school health services. 

By embracing telehealth solutions like those provided by Avel eCare and TytoCare, schools throughout the country can overcome the hurdle of inadequate health services and provide a healthier future for all children.