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Detecting wheezes with TytoCare – how to optimize your patients’ experience 

Wheeze webinar with Or shanoon

TytoCare is excited to bring you the latest enhancement to your TytoCare experience: Tyto Insights™ for Wheeze Detection. This new FDA-cleared feature, powered by AI, is a game-changer in diagnosing respiratory conditions during remote lung exams.  

Watch the webinar where Or Shanoon, Director of Product Management at TytoCare, showcases the potential of Tyto Insights™ in enhancing remote respiratory diagnostics. Explore the integration of this AI-powered tool into daily practice, ensuring top-notch care for patients with respiratory conditions. 

Webinar Highlights: 

  • Unveiling Tyto Insights™ for Wheeze Detection: An in-depth look at the features and functionality of this AI-powered diagnostic tool. 
  • Empowering Providers: Strategies for incorporating Tyto Insights™ into remote lung exams to improve patient outcomes. 
  • Interactive Q&A Session: Your chance to engage with our experts and get answers to your pressing questions.