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How adoption and engagement strategies drive success in hybrid care models

SWICA + TytoCare webinar

With virtual care models becoming commonplace, there are a variety of different ways to integrate virtual care with in-person care. This webinar, hosted by Meni Shikhman, VP Global Account Management at TytoCare, focuses on hybrid care models, and how success can be driven by engagement frameworks that encourage adoption and utilization. We are joined by Oliver Reich, Director of santé24, the telemedicine provider of the SWICA Health Organization, which is one of the largest health insurance companies in Switzerland. He discusses SWICA’s shift to hybrid care, the engagement strategies that SWICA has adopted, and how this drives satisfaction among both members and providers.

You’ll learn about:

• Strategies for moving to a hybrid care model

• How to encourage engagement and adoption of hybrid care among providers and members

• Measuring the success of engagement programs


• Oliver Reich, Director, santé24

• Meni Shikhman, VP Global Account Management, TytoCare