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How virtual care accelerated our transition to value-based

Webinar - How virtual care accelerated our transition to value-based

Value-based care is becoming more widespread across the healthcare industry. As more healthcare systems work towards launching value-based plans, virtual care is proving to be a key factor in making that shift successful. 

In this webinar, we hear from Barry Arbuckle, President and CEO of MemorialCare, as he chats with Tamir Gotfried, CCO of TytoCare, about how MemorialCare leveraged remote care to shift its care models towards value-based. 

Watch now to hear about:

• The impact of virtual care on underserved and rural populations, and how it improved access and overall health of the MemorialCare population. 

• How virtual care helped healthcare providers see more patients in less time, improving efficacy and overall patient experience.

• How remote care could enable value-based care in your healthcare organization.