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Addressing your patient and clinician needs - improving efficacy and increasing access

The needs of our clinicians and patients have reached a critical juncture. For health systems to manage and maintain their care load, they must adapt to improve care efficacy, access, and delivery for both clinicians and patients. 

Watch Dr. Nick Patel, Vice Chair of Primary Care at Prisma Health, and Dr. Karen Rheuban, co-Founder and Director of the UVA Center for Telehealth, as they discuss how telehealth and remote physical exams can increase care efficacy and access to address clinician and patient demands. 

This session covers: 

  • The current provider picture: staffing shortages and high staff dissatisfaction levels
  • Using operational efficiency to improve performance indicators and provider experience 
  • How to increase patient volume without adding to clinician strain
  • Expanding access to care while maintaining quality 
  • Debrief on public policies enabling cost-effective, sustainable care delivery models