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What members really think about your health plans

What members really think about your health plans webinar

As part of our work with more than 170 payers and providers globally in the telehealth and virtual primary care (VPC) industry, we are always looking to gain insight into the state of the market and to understand how individuals in the US and around the world feel about their access to healthcare, the emergence of digital care options, and their overall ability to connect with healthcare professionals in their time of need.

To get greater insight into these essential questions, we worked with one of the top 5 US health insurers to commission the Virtual Primary Care Adoption Survey, where we spoke to 307 individuals of varying ages who have access to remote physical examinations. More than half of respondents have children at home.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the results of that survey and dig down into the key findings and what they mean for payers in the US.

Key findings include:

  • 90% are waiting an average of 6 days to see a primary care provider
  • 80% are comfortable using virtual primary care with remote physical exams in place of visiting the ED
  • 92% say that VPC with remote physical examinations makes primary care more accessible
  • 67% are more likely to stay with their payer long term due to being provided with VPC with remote physical examinations
  • 66% will consider a digital-first plan once they have experienced VPC with remote physical examinations